Thursday, March 22, 2012


Liberals, exemplified by the current Obama regime and its supporters, understand what other tyrannical regimes have understood and have attempted to implement with varying degreees of nightmarish success throughout human history, which is that when all other external economic factors become uncontrollable in producing a prosperous society for human persons, the last option, however immoral or unthinkable, remains viable: control the very number of human persons who might seek the nations allegedly finite resources and human services. More than liberalism, I believe that what we are witnessing is the coming of age of a school of thought that should concern people in a broader way than mere concerns about politics and elections. We are in fact, witnessing the unraveling of human society before our eyes. Human society is seemingly in a race to de-humanize the human person into some distorted and unfamiliar form.

It's ironic and more than disturbing that the left in this nation seeks to encourage the greatest amount of sexuality and sexualization among the young and yet provide the greatest access to birth control, abortion and sterilization services for them, marketing it to them even. Women, and consequently men equally, have become mere pawns in commercial economic endeavors that seek to profit from the sexual nature of the human body while at the same time selling an invented morality to them that says that human reproduction is an unnatural side effect of human sexuality. Modern American culture and large parts of the American economy have become little more than human traffickers dealing in the sexualization of persons and inversely fertility services. I'm not sure there is a precedent for this kind of legal exploitation of a population by culture guided by the hand of a political party and its media surrogates.

Their plan: to separate God and man that man might be the only player upon the stage of human history. Removed from God as His creation, no longer in His image and likeness, man is now free to re-create himself in his own image and likness. No longer male and female as God created them, man is whatever gender or sexuality he chooses. More than a new person, man becomes a new species, free to lie with whatever he chooses. No longer does a man leave his parents to become one body and one flesh with his wife. The family, now obsolete, being defined however one chooses to suit individuality, is anything in which a child is formed in. Human reproduction becomes a choice, rather than the desing of divine intent. Thus marriage is destroyed. Promiscuity, serial monogamy, co-habitation, birth control, abortion and sterilization become the norm. God, faith, abstinence, marriage, and family become the stigmatized.

As man is dehumanized, he is more materialized. We are now more defined by what we have, how we appear, that who we are and what we are. We are more concerned with characteristics than with character. We are less persons now than we are bodies as though we are mere random spirits living in nature's machines than persons of both a soul and a body. The naturally private body is now more visibly seen, exposed, decorated, defiled with images and hardware, idealized in form, fraudulently commercialized, as a material and a commodity to be bought, sold and traded. We are more concerned with the health of our organs than with the health of our souls and the health of ourselves as authentic persons. Modesty is scorned, mocked, and laughed at. Inversely, the more the body becomes a public exhibition, the more socially acceptable the creator of the exhibition, the person, becomes. Shame is the only thing that we need be ashamed of.

Technology has now made all these things all the more possible. The cell phone which boasts of making people more connected than ever has made people more inaccessible than ever as they walk about texting between every seemingly ordinary human activity, while missing life around them. Combine this with social networking, and human separation, even momentary, now seems forgeign to many as they move about their lives, the stars of their own TV reality shows. This all seems foreign indeed to many of us, but how do we rationalize this to current and forthcoming generations that have never known the world and their reality to be otherwise, who believe that these things are not mere technologies, but are in fact, more like birthrights? This should all seem comical to older generations, bud truly sad, when we consider the comparitive provincial innocense of our not so distant childhoods. New technology has brought some blessings, but indeed, much strangeness.

The left's answer to these questions and to make the world a better place is to make a world with fewer people in it. They are in fact willing to close hundreds of Christian and Catholic health care providers, or fine them into financial ruin, in their committment to a world with fewer people in it. A nation's children are its future and greatest treasure and the left would seem to think that with all the world's problems, the answer is to prevent children from being born with sexual education, birth control, abortion and sterilizations. It's a social eugenics however, aimed at people who they deem are the wrong kind of people to be having children; the poor, the working, the religious, those without proper education; undesirables. Life however is a right by virtue of its inherent uniqueness, by virtue of its very being. Man does not choose what rights are, they are given by the divine God who IS God. Life, death, and our being, are of His choosing, not ours.

Our answer: Christ and truth. The same now open strategies that would seem to be bent on our destruction and the same strategies than have failed in history countless times. But a people of faith must be more valient in the truth, more preemptive in our zeal lest these efforts of the enemy lead us to conflicts as destructive as we have seen in history not to distant from our own generation. Most of us have grandfathers who walked through the failed European destruction that represented man's latest attempt to redefine himself as his own god and grandmothers who waited at home, holding the family and nation together that would welcome them back. Yet so easily we have forgotten this history and should we not remember it, we shall be doomed to repeat it. Christ shall not fail. Truth shall not fail. But what will be the price for our remembering? How do we reclaim the simplicity and innocense of a quickly fading past?

The greatest thing that we must fight for in the world to preserve our society, our culture, our history, is the family. The family, is a mother, a father and their children. The family is conceived in love and its children are conceived in love as well. It is the family that forms persons, persons of conscience and decency, modesty and dedication to principles of goodness and rightness. The family is not some quaint notion, now antiquated by modern innovations of thought and flexible morality. The family is the concrete reality by which a society lives and without which a society dies. The left in this nation, in their thinking are antithetical to everything the family is. In fact, the left wants to be your family, every person's family, through the dictates of the state. The family can only be in persons, in love and truth with God as its origin and witness of authenticity. Without Christ, truth, and the family, we are a society doomed for extinction.

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